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This is trading out of orbit, decentralization in every transaction.
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The most technologically advanced species will not stop any time soon...

Level 01

- Company Organization (Mission Complete)

We started our journey with the formation of a professional team in the field of blockchain development. Having such highly qualified specialists, we can confidently make a project of any complexity.

Level 02

- Token ICO & NFT (Mission Complete)

In the process of work, we realized that we want to have our own products. Our token with thoughtful utility will become an integral part of the upcoming DEX & NFT Marketplace, and its tokenomics is made in such a way as to become the most effective, profitable and useful tool. As for NFTs, they are the ticket to an exciting game where everyone can fight and earn our tokens.

Level 03

- DEX & NFT Marketplace (Loading...)

Planetex DEX – a platform, which allow not only to perform custom crypto exchange operations standard for DEX, but also provide an opportunity for businesses to attract investments on launchpads, list token on this platform with the possibility of its subsequent staking, list NFT collection and much more. All projects are collected in one specialized place, respectively, the entire target audience will not be scattered on different sites, but will be with us. Companies can save on user acquisition campaigns (reducing the cost of developing landing pages, contracts, reducing the cost of marketing movements).

Level 04

- P2E Game & Metaverse (Loading...)

A spaceship that was transporting heroes from different planets crashes on the planet Supreme X-132 as a result of an unsuccessful intergalactic jump and a malfunction of the aircraft’s engine. The ship is on fire and only one working capsule remains on board for an emergency return. The goal of your hero is to find weapons, defeat rivals in the royal battle and return alive, taking Planetex tokens with them in each of their rounds! As for Planetex Metaverse – it is a metaverse, which will allow you to transfer your business to the virtual world, and also play and communicate with all metaverse users.

NFT Characters

Our GameFi NFT collection available for purchase

Wanna Own Project?

The crypto market is open to new projects. It has enough space for everyone. We will help you create a really cool project that will delight you and your customers.


Executive Team

We present you our team of like-minded people and professionals who always find effective ways to improve the product and process.


President & Founder

Founder of Planetex company and ideological inspirer. Absolutely all projects are carried out under his strict control and direct participation.

Have Any Question?

We present you our team of like-minded people and professionals who always find effective ways to improve the product and process.

To start cooperation, it is enough to leave a request for a call back in our chat. We start each cooperation with a competent study of the Technical Assignment (TZ/TA) and the Discovery hase in order to make your project as useful and relevant as possible.

At the moment, in parallel with the sale, we are developing our own products, which have no analogues on the market. PLTEX is a service token that will become an integral part of the Planetex ecosystem with many privileges and benefits, which will directly affect its further demand and growth. In turn, NFT is a ticket to the world of an exciting upcoming P2E game, where everyone who owns one of the characters from our collection can play and earn money by fighting other players. We will offer interesting mechanics and a well-thought-out economics so that the gameplay is as cool as possible.

There is no clear answer to this question. It all depends on the set of functionality, the type of project and the set of additional services. In the Discovery Phase, together with you, we will calculate everything up to 1 dollar.

Our DEX & NFT Marketplace, P2E Game products are already in development. We expect them to appear in the second quarter of 2023. Development requires a thorough study of not only functionality and usability, but most importantly, security.

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